Thursday, February 28, 2008

Image of the Beast

Listening to Obama’s campaign commercial on the Rush Limbaugh show (I know it is satire) makes wonder a few things. As Rush says, “Do you believe that Obama believes what you believe?” Even Hillary has commented that Obama doesn’t actually say anything.

For the last 16 years, the Clintons have been painting a picture of America as wonderful while they were in power and full of soup lines while Bush is in office. Now obviously this is really due to the Drive-by Media’s ability to give an impression by deluging Americans with bad news for 8 straight years. Image! That’s it. Produce an image that people will believe, even if that image has no substance what-so-ever.

The kicker, though, is that now the Clintons are surprised. Hillary is getting her clock cleaned by a rookie…a nobody rookie! Yet he is nothing but image. Have the Clintons and the DNC created a Frankenstein. This is just like every bad horror monster movie I have ever watched (Godzilla anyone?). It is what liberal Hollywood has been telling us for years. Some mad scientist creates something he ought not to create. The creature becomes uncontrollable. It comes back to kill the so-called master. The master dies. Chaos follows. Someone else has to fix the problem. I truly love watching all of this.

It gets even better, though. Today it is being reported that McCain borrowed money “by the promise of federal matching money” as security for the loan. This basically could put McCain under the Public Funds, which would severely limit his funds. I absolutely find this to good to be true. By making the McCain/Feingold Act (the Destruction of the First Amendment Act), McCain has possibly limited himself severely in his ability to campaign against Obama until September. Imagine that! Basically 8 weeks to spend money and beat Obama. He hasn’t even tried to articulate a vision to persuade conservatives to vote for him.

The irony in all of this is too much. The DNC creates a Frankenstein that is killing them. The RNC’s do-nothing strategy and McCain’s nonleadership (I have no ideas, just get in line you conservatives!) is literally going to be forced to watch and see what this creature will do since they will be able to do nothing. Just toooo much.

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