Monday, November 29, 2004

Tony Campolo, Here?

My stomach just got a little naseaus as I was paying my bills. I opened my ABMen's (American Baptist) newsletter to find Tony Campolo on the front cover. Ironically I have been talking about Tony this evening with some friends of mine as to how Rush Limbaugh played a clip of Tony pitting Jesus' teaching against Paul's (although Rush didn't catch that part).

Mr. Campolo actually thinks we Americans will be judged for not giving to the poor as we should be. He stated this past week on a Cable program that we will be judged severely for our lack of attention for those Jesus speaks of in the judgment (see Matt 25). He also said that republicans were too concerned with Paul's teaching on homosexuality and that Jesus never spoke on that issue.

I think it is sick that we pit Jesus and Paul against each other. Does Mr. Campolo not believe that the Holy Spirit wrote all of Scripture? Does he really believe that Jesus never addresses sexual sins and the FUNDAMENTAL institution we call the family? Does he really think that God's law as can be ejected from our nation's institutions, and God not notice?

Campolo says in the newsletter that local churches are "to decide their stance on issues such as homosexuality and gay marriage.

"Local churches deciding?! Whatever happened to God's Law and His everstanding Word? I grow weary of men who are in positions of authority, speaking on behalf of the church, denying the inerrancy of Scripture and miss every opportunity to present the gospel. They are a plague sent by God on America so that she cannot hear the truth of God's Law.

Mr. Campolo, there won't be anyone to take care of the poor if God sends anymore judgments against us. If the family goes as God has designed it, so goes this prosperous nation.

Why is he on the front cover anyway? I guess this is what happens when the church denies God's Law and his Word.

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Jesus, Christmas and Peace with God

Most of you non-scholarly people may not know it yet (due to your ignorance of the greatness of acadamia), but the doctrine of Justification is yet again under attack.

It has been said that the church stands or falls on this pivotal teaching of Scripture. For with it, the works of man are either the grounds for his salvation or they are not. Either he is saved by faith alone or some sort of meritorious system.

Shockingly enough, even Hank Hanegraaf of the Bible Answer Man radio program downplayed the works-system of Rome. Galatians and Romans are quite clear. Either works are necessarily the basis of how one gets PEACE with God or they are not.

During this Christmas season we need to ask ourselves an important question. Why did Jesus come? If works form a basis in any way for a man to get to heaven, Why do we need Jesus? Some will say that Jesus provides the treasury of merit or some other form of grace that we work to receive by faith. If that is the case will not any other good man or woman do? Say...Mary even? Why is God just not able to do what the Muslim God or the mormon gods are able to do?

Some scholars are now teaching that Jesus' death may take away our sins, but the righteousness from His perfect life is not positively imputed (credited) to us. In fact, many are beginning to feed the Roman Catholic apologist with ammunition since they have been arguing this idea all along.

The Scriptures are clear. Adam is the head of fallen man. All men are born in him and die in Him. Christ is the head of the new man. All live in Him. Why? Some goodness in dead man maybe? No! Grace alone, through Faith Alone, in Christ Alone to the Glory of God Alone! Christ lived the perfect life and in Him all are made alive (Romans5).

Christ came to live His perfect life. That perfect life is imputed (credited) to me and given to me in every way that is necessary to save me and to bring me to live a godly life. This is why Paul says it is no longer I who live but Christ who lives in Me. Christ's life is the perfect life which is the basis for any man to enter heaven. No other works needed. All other works blaspheme God and insult the perfect Savior, Jesus, the Son of the Most High God.

What is the basis of your PEACE with God? If it is not Christ alone who justifies us (declares us righteous), I submit to you that you have NO PEACE. Read Romans 5:1

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Prayers Please

Thanksgiving was definitely filling. I feel like the stuffed turkey. Well...sort of. He isn't stuffed anymore, but I sure am. Visiting with family and discussing different aspects of the gospel has been wonderful.

I am also getting stuffed with non-sense coming from the evanjellycal world of apologetics. Just think. In just this week alone, mormons have been allowing Christian apologists speak at Temple Square. Strobel is having a discussion with a mormon on the radio and AOMinistries has put up the debate titled "Is the Roman Catholic My Brother" (you can listen on the left).

I think if I listen to anymore nonsense I'm gonna hurl. Then again, I must be thankful that God has lavished His Grace upon my life and the thrill of getting into "contending for the faith" mode is enough to keep me zealous for good deeds.

A new challenge for me has arisen for you praying fools. All the materials that God has used to equip me to stand for the faith will be put to the test on the layman's level. I will need God's patience and wisdom during this time. Please pray for me. Thanks!

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

The True Meaning of Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! Yes, it is that time of year again. I was listening this afternoon to Rush Limbaugh's story on the true Thanksgiving. Here is the link.

It was quite refreshing to listen to an accurate portrayal of the original celebration of Thanks Giving to God by the Separitists. I remember growing up just outside of Plymouth and learning the wonderful things about the Pilgrims at Plymouth Plantation.

Something changed, however, from elementary school to high school. In the 11th grade my American History teacher told me how the Pilgrim's had given their disease infested blankets to the Indians in order to kill them (native Americans to modern ears). I also remember being taught how we evil white men ravaged the country side and stole their land.

I have since purchased a book written by William Bradford on the REAL history of the plantation. I have always found, if you want to know the truth, go to the horses mouth, not the rewriting, reconstructionist, left wing, socialistic, environmental tree hugging, spotted owl loving, fool that says there is no God, historian.

America has a great foundation. Let us never depart from our steadfast morings.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Chrisrians Speak At Temple Square

I am hearing a lot about two different Christian speakers that spoke at Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah.

First, Ravi Zacharias spoke to a gathering of Mormons and apparently presented the gospel. I simply think this is wrong. Anyone, who has had even the most remote experience with Mormons, knows that Mormons speak another language while using Christian terminology. It is simply a waste of time to talk to mormons without first getting a translator or doing the translating yourself.It also gives the appearance of being ecumenical, when it is not. This is deceiving since we would not allow a Mormon to speak at our own churches. Would we really allow God's people to be addressed by a Mormon outside of cross examination?

Second, Dr. Mouw, from Fuller Theological Seminary, spoke as well. He apologized on behalf of us sinful evangelicals, who have not spoken to the scholars of BYU on their level, for not attempting to understand Mormonism on their level.Please sir, BYU scholars do not define mormonism, and neither do you. I do not need some liberal cemetarian apologizing for me. I, like the Apostle Paul, am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, and I will never apologize for defining with clarity, the Jesus of the Scriptures.

Mormonism does not have the Scriptural God, Jesus or Gospel. They should be warned of their impending doom and the false gospel that they have entrusted their souls to.

Monday, November 22, 2004

Scripture Alone by Dr. White

Dr. James R. White discusses his new book Scripture Alone on KFUO radio on November 21. The mp3 is available here

I think this is a book many Christians desperately need today. Not only are Christians dull as to what they believe, they have no idea why they believe it. Here is a book that may alleviate some of that ignorance among evanjellyism.

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Casey's Mystery Clause

If you are wondering what Planned Parenthood vs. casey has done for our nations legal system, you only need to learn just a little about moral relativism and the "Mystery Clause". Listen to the new uploaded archive on the Casey's decision.

Friday, November 19, 2004

Dr. Williams and Right To Life

As today's guest host on the Rush Limbaugh show, Dr. Williams was brilliant. He made one critical error though. He actually told those of us who think Arlen Specter is the wrong man to be chairman of the committee for nominating judges "to get over it".

He actually thought the right to own property was a bigger problem than the fundamental right to life. I agree that the government is violating the Constitution in every way conceiveable, but should we conclude the right to life should be set aside for those things that "really matter", things like the right to own a gun or feed deer from my porch or get miracle drugs passed through the FDA, or make sure I get my social security check on time?

Shame on you Dr. Williams for even suggesting such a thing. Yea, right! Arlen Specter, the champion of the Second Amendment, the champion of limited government, the champion of traditional marriage, the champion of.... Do I look stupid?...ok, ok. Don't answer that.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Temptations Come in Little Boxes

More evidence for the Doctrine of Total Depravity just came into my Inbox on my e-mail. I have to ask, who are these people that think me so gullible as to believing there is some woman ready to come to my house for..... God's Law is very clear about such things. Temptations will come, even on the internet. So watch out, for the devil desires your soul.

I will try to finish Planned Parenthood vs Casey this weekend and go through the book Prolife Answers to Prochoice Arguments by Randy Alcorn. I may just make 2 separate programs for convenience sake. Hopefully the prolife answers will be of help to those who don't know much about the abortion debate and the tactics abortionists use.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Conservative Christians Warmongers???

Rod Haxton and others want to call conservative Christians warmongers and ignorant. Rod has stated that we who voted for Bush incorrectly thought that Sadam and al-Qaeda were linked. He says we were wrong.

Anybody read the October 16th issue of World? World quotes Walid Phares as stating, "This is a watershed. This is big." This is in reference to documents found linking Hussein's collaboration with and support of al-Qaeda.

The question now is, will Rod Haxton repent and quit calling conservative Christians the big four letter "N" word? Nazi that is.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Conservatives Are Nazis???

Just read in the local paper this week that conservative republicans are really just a bunch of Nazis. Is it me, or should a mostly conservative community be a little upset?

I happen to be one of those "ignorant" conservatives who voted for Bush. Funny thing though, I don't remember killing innocent people or burning any books or telling democrats that voting for Kerry is like burning black churches or burning any crosses in someone's front lawn or even owning white hooded sheets used mostly by KKK members?

I do know of a party that does desire "family planning" (ie: killing innocent children), that runs an atheistic educational system, that creates class warfare, that seeks to separate people by language and race, and that also seeks to erase its history and give the people a new one. Hmmmm, sounds an aweful like 1930's Germany. But what do I know, I'm just a dumb Red Stater. :-)

God Grants Mercy, Temorarily Anyway

Well, rats! Kerry didn't get to legislate his non-morality while being President. Maybe God has granted us more time to reflect on what is right. The left in this country however just cannot seem to understand why they lost. They really believe they just didn't yell loud enough.

All the spin they give is that the conservatives have all the airwaves. I think they are now brain dead. May God keep their blinders on. KEEP THINKING ITS EVERYONE ELSES FAULT AND NOT YOUR OWN FAILED PHILOSOPHY! I don't mind them squealing, just as long as that is the only thing they can do.