Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Inconsistent Pro-Lifers?

So Billy argues in this video that Pro-Lifers are inconsistent and also have no ability to gain political support if they were. Notice his argument is that if Pro-Lifers were consistent, then they would see Doctors and women that have abortions as being guilty of murder. He then proceeds to argue that under his policy the number of abortion were reduced. Therefore he concludes that being Pro-Choice is the superior position.

What I find interesting is two-fold. Yes, Pro-Lifers are being inconsistent, but not necessarily so. Many Pro-Lifers would like to throw Abortionists in jail for committing murder. Abortionists are the ones taking advantage of young girls who are in desperate situations. Yet is this really being inconsistent since Pro-Lifers are working in the political realm and doing the best they can? I don’t find his argumentation overly compelling but surely full of emotional tripe.

The other thing that is even more interesting is the real contradiction and inconsistency. Why is it important to reduce Abortions? Why does Bill even need a policy to reduce abortions? I would think Pro-Choicers would want to help as many young girls as possible from ruining their lives? Is this not a confession that abortions are wrong? If so, why are they wrong? Why do they need to be reduced?

Another problem with Billy’s argument is that what real reduction is there? Going from 1.3 million babies being murdered to 1.1 million (per year and I am just guessing about the stat) babies being murdered is reduction in the sense that Hitler reduced the final tally in a particular year that had the end result of the Holocaust reduced in mere numbers. However, we are not talking numbers. We are talking about people! This isn’t some kind of cigarette commercial for lung cancer. These are people!

Shallow thinking is just that. If Billy is truly confident of his position, then let’s see a real moderated public debate on the subject. Oh that’s right. Pro-Choicers don’t do moderated public debates. They always lose! The true inconsistency lies with Billy.

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