Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Saved With, Saved To

I believe "Theology Matters" and being consistent is important. I have written in response to Evangelicals who see man's need as social problems and just want to sit around asking "What do you think?" while having a beer with Jesus. Now I am not against interacting with people in order to gain an audience, but man's need is not to become a better you or to be great in 2008. It is about Christ and Christ Alone saving wicked dead rebellious sinners to the glory of God.

I have also written about the doctrines of grace and Sola Scriptura in response to Roman Catholic claims. Yet quite often RCs misunderstand mainly due to terminology that is shared but radically redefined. I was listening to Kim Riddlebarger's lecture on the Reformation Then and now. This lecture may be of great assistance for those wishing to truly understand what the Reformation was all about, and I would argue still is.

As Don Fry says, "What we save them with is what we save them to."


Howard Fisher said...

Looking closer at the picture, I must confess that it is not me. Although, a beer does sound good.

------- Theo ------- said...

Have a beer with Jesus? You bet, especially if what I poured was water.

Your bro,

PS. Hi Howard.

Howard Fisher said...


I wonder what the SBC people, who wish to bring back Prohibition, would do if they were at the wedding in Cana. Hopefully, we would all ask for a Samuel Adams.


------- Theo ------- said...


That's funny.

I always have thought that it is wonderful that a wedding feast was the place Jesus' first perfomed a wonder. What a good God we have!