Thursday, February 14, 2008

Congressional Bullys Going After Citizens

Kim Riddlebarger wrote a post on the Roger Clemens testimony to congress. I couldn't agree more with his post. He writes one paragraph saying:

Enter Congress. When Roger Clemens raised his hand and testified under oath before that congressional committee, everything changed. If Clemens lies to Congress, he is apt to be slapped with a perjury charge in which he could do serious time in a federal pen. The crime, mind you, was not taking HGH. The crime is lying to Congress. This is a process crime, plain and simple. This is what happened to Scooter Libby, and a host of others (whose names escape me) all because Congress uses its power to create a potential crime when no underlying crime was even present. This is political "gotcha" with horrific consequences to the victim. Both political parties do it, and it is absolutely shameful when they use these committees to conduct vendettas and create crimes that were not there before the committee called for hearings.

This is spot on. It should be a crime for Congress to be allowed to do such a thing. What does Congress have to do with Baseball? Why do they need to be spending all of this money on nothing? This is none of their business and no crime has been committed. They are trying to create a crime that doesn't exist and then prosecute someone on a technicality. Those of you who vote against conservatism (in either party) deserve the government you get. These guys should be voted out of office tomorrow.

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