Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Christian Therapist

An interesting paragraph from Robert Reymond’s A New Systematic Theology of the Christian Faith:

“The presuppositional apologist believes that his propagation and defense of the faith should be worked out then in a way which is consistent with his most fundamental commitment lest it become incoherent and ineffective. Accordingly, he does not believe that he can improve upon the total message that God has commissioned him to give to fallen men. Taking very seriously all that the Scriptures say about the inability of fallen man to understand the things of the Spirit, he speaks God’s message, not to the so-called rational, neutral man who claims to be standing before him (this is fallen man’s erroneous presupposition about himself), but to the spiritually blind, spiritually hostile, and spiritually dead person who God says is standing before him. And he does this with the confidence that God’s Spirit, working by and with God’s Word, will regenerate the elect and call them to Himself. Should the Evidentialist object that the Presuppositionalist is only ‘throwing gospel rocks at the unbeliever’s head’ when he insists that the unbeliever must accept his biblical criteria for truth verification, the presuppositionalist, undaunted, will respond that he must continue to follow this approach just as the psychiatrist must continue to reason with a mental patient even though the latter lives in his own dreamworld and believes that it is the therapist who is out of his mind.”

How often do Christians forget that we are not dealing with morally neutral sinners, but SINNERS! Dead, blind, deaf, lame and ignorant sinners. As a pastor friend of mine reminded me, we do not need to “seal the deal” every time we evangelize. Instead we must believe that the Gospel is the power of God unto salvation for everyone who believes. We do not need to help God. We simply need to be faithful.


TheFilmCritic said...

This really is the only answer to the nut job, relativistic, new agey, one size fit's all, emergent church type nonsense.

the forester said...

Best strategy I've ever seen is simply to get the Word out there. It accomplishes what it was sent to do. All the evidence in the world won't convert a person if the Holy Spirit's not drawing at his/her heart. Get the Word out, and let God take it from there.