Saturday, March 01, 2008

Open Letter To State Reps, Bill 399

I have written a letter to my state Representative about the intrusion of the State upon the lives of Kansans as pertaining Kansas Senate Bill 399. This Bill will force all 6 year olds to fall under truancy laws and mandatory school attendance.

An Open Letter To Kansas State Representatives and Gary Hazlett:

Dear Mr. Hazlett,

I am writing in concern of the State Senate Bill 399. This Bill will make 6-year-olds subject to a blanket government mandate of school attendance

First, all studies show that there is no real educational benefit from forcing younger children, especially boys, to start public school earlier. One such study may be found here. The facts have been consistently contrary to Liberal thought. Many boys do even better when they are not forced to leave home at such an early age. Dr. James Dobson of Focus of the Family has written about this here.

Second, the tax that would be needed to pay for such "reforming" of our educational system would only increase. Yet, the benefits would not be returned.

Third, this is only empowering even more intrusive governmental bureaucracy into the lives of Kansans. One of the reasons I moved to Kansas was to seek refuge in one of the few states that still believed in freedom. To pass this law is only to allow Liberal/Leftwing thought and assumptions that government knows best and reinforce that Government must be what people rely upon.

Fourth, this is a clear violation of the assumption that the State has the right to tell Kansans how to educate their children. The truth is that this is a presupposition that clearly violates God's law. The God, who gave us His revelation ultimately in Jesus Christ, plainly tells us that it is the parents and not the State that is in total charge of the education of children. To think otherwise is to grant a premise to the Left/Big Government mentality.

Fifth, everyone I have spoken with that does not homeschool or private school has been in favor of this Bill. When I ask why, the answer is always and without exception "Now I won't have to pay for day-care." This is further evidence that this is not about education but baby-sitting, and this coming from many Conservative friends!. The Conservative movement is dying due to the fact that Conservatives are not being educated nor are the leaders of Conservatism educating the American Public. It takes work to be free and since Liberalism is easy and the easier way out, many are willing to allow this kind of bureaucracy to grow. This program will only further the statism that has been created by the Left, which has caused so many Kansans to give up their liberties and responsibilities.

I truly hope that you would lead the charge to restore our freedoms from an ever intrusive State bureaucracy. Thank you very much for your past service for our district. I look forward the work you will do in support of freedom.

God Bless

Howard Fisher

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Dana said...

I hope all goes well with this...and I know what you mean with people wanting free daycare. It is frustrating.