Saturday, March 22, 2008

Issues Ect....

For those of you following the Issues Ect. Radio Program cancellation/Blunder by the bureaucrats that be, he is a link to a Blog that has been set up to attempt to get them back on the air. Issues Ect is a Lutheran program with host the Rev Todd Wilken. It is a great program and an outreach from the Lutheran community.

It has been speculated that the cancellation/blunder may be due to finances. So the attempt could be to cut back on expenses that sever any interaction with non-Lutherans. That way, the outside world will have no means to see what goes on in Closed Communion Lutheran churches. (sorry about the sarcasm).

If you would like to support Issues Ect and it has been a blessing to you, sign the petition here. Good programs like this with bright apologetic minds like Wilkens that bless the body of Christ and are clear and sound witnesses to the world should remain on the air. Perhaps before just causing a great program to disappear off the face of the earth with no explanation, the bureaucrats might consider alternative methods such as webcasting instead of expensive radio stations. Outreach and Evangelism I think are still required to let the world know the church exists. :-)

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Howard Fisher said...

Aside from one of the White Horse Inn's Lutheran Rod Rosenbladt, does anyone know any radio personalities that are Lutheran?