Thursday, March 06, 2008

Jacob Fun, California Judges Bad

Good news and bad news. The fun good news first.

Dr. Spock or Dr. Lipshitz or Dobson or whoever those smart kiddo psychologists are, they were right. Videos are bad for kids. Jacob thinks he is Indiana Jones, and he does what Indy does best. He gets beat up.

Bad news:

A few days ago HSLDA reported a story on homeschooling that they should have been aware of. The Second Appellate Court District of California ruled "that homeschooling is not a legal option in California". That's right. Unless you have a four year degree and a teaching certificate you are violating California Law when home-schooling.

Dr. Dobson has quickly responded today stating,

“How dare these judges have the audacity to label tens of thousands of parents criminals — the equivalent to drug dealers or pickpockets — because they want to raise and educate their children according to their deeply held values?"

It is estimated that at least 200,000 students in California are now breaking the law. Perhaps these tyrants are attempting to rid their state of these truant children? Whatever the case may be. It is time that the American people start putting forward impeachment on the table
as a viable option against judges. In fact, politics may make strange bed-fellows. Conservatives are not the only ones that home-school. Perhaps liberal and conservative home-schoolers may work towards the same goal?

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