Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Resurgence Conference

Hi all,
Filmcritic, aka, Cory here.
This week Pastor Paul and myself were blessed and privileged to attend the National Resurgence Conference at Mars Hill Church in Seattle. I am blessed to serve a church where there is a vision and desire to train and equip young pastors. This pastoral conference was an example of how this vision is played out. Despite the fact that the street plans for Seattle seem to have been designed by someone who regularly diets on paint chips, we had a lot of fun in the city, even when we were lost. It was a very fun, inspirational, and educational time.
I thought I would share one anecdote from the conference, a couple of pictures and simply adjure you to find the audio from this conference (although it will be a bit before they put it up).
First of all, if you haven’t heard Driscoll speak – please do it. The criticism levied against him is ridiculous when you really listen and especially when you see him. God’s Word is central for all the men we heard last week and all of them are very good communicators. Both Driscoll and Chandler, by the way, are stinkin’ hilarious. Tell someone one of the most intentionally funny and entertaining things you’ve seen so far this year were preachers and they probably won’t believe you - but it’s true. Each message was a great example of preaching biblically without tying down your personality. I mean come on, who wouldn’t laugh at THE John Piper when he talks about kicking his dog?
Funniest moment of the conference, probably Matt Chandler talking about Mark Driscoll’s preaching style:
CHANDLER: The Holy Spirit has to be the only way that anybody gets saved! How else do you explain Driscoll, who just comes out here every Sunday and says, “Open your Bibles so I can tell you why you’re stupid.”
To which everybody responds, “Yes. Tell me why I’m stupid. You are right. I am stupid. I will get saved now.”
This summary probably doesn’t do justice to the comedy of it. Keep checking theresurgence.com to see if they’ve uploaded Chandler’s audio. It’s hilarious and extremely insightful. You may also want to listen for the raisin cake I had to sit next to who agreed with everything, everyone said from the stage, before they could finish saying it. Ugh.
Anyway, here are some pics from Mars Hill in Seattle.

Here's Chandler


The Q&A from Tues. night


Paul said...
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Paul said...

You forgot to mention the pilot who must have been a cousin of the man you sat next to.
By the way Howie, I’d be interested in your comments on my latest post. -Paul

Cory said...

Oh yeah - I forgot about Captain Chuckles. What fuzzy memories!