Friday, October 31, 2008

But He's a Nice Stalinist

I heard Barack Obama say on the radio that the big mean oil companies are taking "your money". The implication was that they are stealing it. Feelings and ignorance go a long way in politics. Apparently, when I go to the pump and take gasoline from the owner of the station, I am not supposed to give something in return. However, Barack Obama's tax plan of redistribution (ie: socialism) plans to do exactly that. Why is it that Obama doesn't see the government stealing your money? Why is the government better at redistributing wealth than Exxon?

I have noticed according to one website that Barack has received more campaign donations than McCain. It seems to me that according to his policies, someone needs to tax his campaign and give some of it to the Republican nominee to make it fair. I won't hold my breath though.

It certainly is troubling that Obama can get away with equivocating income in a private industry as being our money. If he can think that way about Exxon, what is to stop him from thinking that way about your income? Although most Leftists deny anyone could think that way, my question is how can they not? If Obama can destroy a private citizen (as all good Stalinists do) for simply asking a question, what makes the rest of us safe? And they are afraid of George Bush?

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