Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Palin Is a Drag?

Here is yet another story being reported on YahooNews that Sarah Palin is a "drag" on the McCain ticket. This is plain evidence that the "Drive-By Media" will stop at nothing to depress conservative voters. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Can anyone remember McCain's campaign as being one that energized anyone prior to McCain's pick? Were the precious moderates flocking to McCain prior to this pick? Now that we have Powell endorsing The Socialist, is this not evidence McCain's tactics in trying to win his so-called friends in the Media have been foolish?

Here are some facts. Palin is drawing huge crowds. Biden says things far more foolish on a regular basis than anything Palin has said. Biden has been in hiding as to not make Obama look worse than he already does. The "Drive-bys" ignore Biden's gaffes and Obama's radical Left-wing political views.

The Democrats and the Media are now on full display as to reveal that they are the true Stalinists. If you have any doubt, just ask Joe the Plumber.

Here is an excellent point by Rush:

RUSH: Let me repeat something. We had a call yesterday at just about this time when a guy was all happy, they haven't found anything substantive on Joe the Plumber. And that, folks, that just focused it for me. Stop and think of that. They, the Obama campaign and the media, they haven't found anything on Joe the Plumber. Who the hell are they to look? What gives them the right to look into the private life of a private citizen? He's not part of the McCain campaign; he's not running for anything; he can't raise anybody's taxes; he can't send anybody's kid off to war. And now he can't even work because the plumbers have ganged up on him because he supposedly didn't have a license. What the hell are we becoming? "They haven't found anything substantive on Joe the Plumber." With what business is it of theirs to start prying into Joe the Plumber's life? All he did was ask a question.

Palin attracts large crowds. We know this because the Political Left hates this fact and tries to undermine it. Just google "palin crowd size" and see all of the articles and sites that spend time explaining how the size of the crowd is not official.

The "Drive-bys" lie about Palin crowds yelling "kill him" in reference to Barak Obama. The Secret Service finds no evidence for such a claim.

My point is simple. If Palin were really a "drag", then why all of the attacks on her. She isn't running for President. Any unbiased person can see Biden is by far and away the worse VP pick. The drag isn't coming from Palin. It is coming from the Drive-Bys.

The plain and obvious fact is this. If we could start this whole process over again, Palin would win a "57 state" landslide.

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