Saturday, October 25, 2008

MMFC part 1

A substitute for preaching and sound doctrine are deeds. We are told actions speak louder than words, less creeds and more deeds. We need real transformation from head knowledge to heart knowledge. The assumption is that the Gospel doesn't bring about transformation, but doing certain things will. Evangelicalism is now basically becoming RC. She is now making up her own sacraments.

What am I talking about? Several weeks back I was referred to a para-church ministry, Marked Men For Christ, that ministers to men. I decided to read the website's statement of faith. It was so vague that I really was not even certain if it was Christian. I decided to write them for clarification. Here is part of the response.

"The presuppositions of MMFC are left deliberately broad in certain places, again so as not to exclude advocates of various theories. We're not about taking a theoretical stand, but about providing a healing ministry that has proven itself effective in practice. The presuppositions are written to give each man the freedom to interpret them in a way that does not contradict the doctrines of his church. Our presuppositions are meant to demonstrate that our ministry is not done in a vacuum, or without sufficient theological reflection. On the other hand, we find that men who want to retreat to the realm of clear and distinct ideas are the ones most in need of healing and reintegration in their lived experience of theological doctrines. We seek to move men from their head to their heart where Christ has planted His Spirit. (2Cor.1:22-23) Your questions demonstrate that we have written well because you are not identifying errors in the presuppositions, but asking for further clarifications."

Notice the first and last sentences. They have purposely written their beliefs so as to not be particular. The fact is I can identify errors. But since they are vague they may always squirm out of their statement.

The major error here fits the theme of the last couple of posts. They do not believe in the Gospel. Now I know they would argue that they do, but read the paragraph carefully. Note this point, "We seek to move men from their head to their heart where Christ has planted His Spirit."

The Spirit is in the heart but not the head? Not only is that bogus, but there is a deeper and more fundamental problem. They are seeking to do the work only the Spirit may and can do. They wish to substitute a man-made sacramental system in place of the Holy Spirit's written Word. Only the Spirit may move teachings from the "head to the heart". What is the means the Spirit has chosen? He has told us. The proclamation of the Good news. It is the external word by which (as the WHI often says) men are driven out of themselves (from looking inwardly) to the external Christ.

One of the great consequences of preaching the Gospel is that the Spirit brings men to not only look outwardly to Christ, but he is then driven outwardly to his neighbor. True sanctification is done by the preaching of the Gospel. It is the power of God unto salvation.

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