Sunday, October 12, 2008

Judgment Or Radical Leftist Viewpoint

During this entire campaign, no one wishes to say the other person is wrong in their beliefs. How many times has McCain said Obama is a good person who has made some poor judgment decisions? The fact that Barak has been associated with ACORN seems to not be an issue of what he believes, but that he has made some mistakes. And we local yokel Cable viewers are buy this garbage?!

Within the last few days according to Philip Elliot at, McCain has played nice or honorable,

On Friday during a town hall-style meeting in Lakeville, Minn., a supporter told McCain that he feared what would happen if Obama were elected. McCain drew boos when he defended his rival as a "decent person and a person that you do not have to be scared of as president of the United States."

Now I have to wonder if McCain realizes he is running for President. The truth is, Obama's views ought to be feared. David Limbaugh rightly points out what needs to be said.

I disagree with those who've said the most important issue concerning the Obama-Ayers connection is Obama's "judgment." The very word implies that Obama doesn't share and never shared Ayers' views. The crucial question is whether Obama is of like mind with such radicals.

Finally some who gets it. Barak is not just a poor fool who has been duped (as true as that might be). Barak is a Radical Leftist who desires the overthrow of this Nation's Institutions.

This past week the Supreme Court of Connecticut has committed treason and overthrown the constitutional political process. This was a chance for McCain to run an honorable campaign and point out the lunacy of the Left. McCain, however, is not as honorable as he would like to seem. He is more concerned about firing some GOP leader in some county in VA than to stand up against his actual enemies.

Perhaps tomorrow night McCain will prove me wrong. Since McCain keeps talking about character, and since he will probably be consistent in attacking his own, I won't sit up holding my breath.

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Howard Fisher said...

Keep in mind, this story about McCain and the leader in VA may have been the right thing for McCain to do. The problem is that I simply don't see McCain taking the same energy and targeting his political enemies. That's what bugs me the most.