Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sam Waldron Makes End Times Simple

Sam Waldron's book, The End Times Made Simple, really is just that. The end times made simple.

There are several things that are great about this book. Unlike the prophetic books on the market that assume passages of Scripture mean what they think they mean, Waldron spends time explaing the subject of hermeneutics or methods of Biblical interpretation. This is extremely helpful as to laying a foundation for the reader as to the presuppositions of the author. It also is helpful in explaining to the reader as to whether or not something is Biblical.

This foundation laying is clearly something that will go much farther than just the subject of End Times. Think of all of the Cults that come knocking on the doors of Christians. How often are Christians left in "doctrinal pretzels" by the time the Cultist leaves their homes? Although this is a book about eschatology, it has far reaching applications.

If you are a pastor and you are an Amillenarian I would highly suggest getting this book and using it as a teaching tool in your church. What congregation doesn't want to discuss End Times?

Another benefit this book has is that its chapters are each broken down to about 10 pages each on average. This is perfect for those laymen, who wish to purchase the book for themselves and follow the teacher.

There are some difficulties with the book as any. But I believe the difficulties that arise are mainly due to the style of such a work. Many in Evangelicalism may be disappointed since there are not helicopters replacing the symbols in the book of Revelation or more sensational stuff such as describing today's news in order to figure out who is the anti-christ. However, I think reading Kim Riddlebarger's books as companions to this one may be of great assistance to the reader and pastor.

Get it. Read it. If you are a typical Evangelical Dispensational or even a Pre/Post-millenialist of any sort, get this book and be challenged.

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