Friday, October 03, 2008

Off To Socialim We Go

It is now official. Whatever vestige of Conservatism that remained among House Republicans is now gone. Our mortgage industry is basically owned by the government. The vote less than an hour ago according to Marketwatch:

House lawmakers voted 263 to 171 to pass the bill, reversing the chamber's rejection of it on Monday, which sent the Dow Jones Industrial Average into a record 777-point freefall.

This bill perverts the Constitution in so many ways I have lost count. The article also mentions something scary:

The House's vote follows the Senate's approval on Wednesday and gives the Treasury secretary extraordinary power to buy bad assets from financial companies, boosts federal bank insurance and requires the government to modify some mortgages. It also contains a host of controversial tax breaks and some caps on executive pay.

So now one man has "extraordinary power" that Congress has no authority to grant. Is this not a violation of law? Is this not the same basis that men revolted England over? ie: Governments exceeding their authority.

What troubles me deeply is that the last place I thought Conservatism stood now stands no more. I watched the vote live on C-Span. When the vote finished, approximately half of the Republicans voted in favor of the bill.

Conservatism has truly fallen on hard times. With John McCain's campaign going no where, the Democrats have possibly once again secured their victory by creating a permanent voting block of suffering Americans with constant end of the world scare tactics.

Perhaps a valuable lesson may be learned by Conservative Republicans. Lead already! Why do people at the grass roots level have to make videos plainly explaining how the Democrats have created this mess? Why does there need to be Rush Limbaugh types defending Conservative principles? In essence, why has there been only one Ronald Reagan?

In the end, Conservatism only loses because of fear. Fear has driven this bogus crisis. Fear will get Democrats elected. Fear will give rise to bigger government and bigger bureaucracies. Fear will take away our freedoms and liberties.

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