Friday, October 10, 2008

Bush Leaving Legacy For the Left

For a long time I have been thinking that President Bush may be the biggest reason Conservatism dies. Yahoo News reports,

President Bush said Friday that the government's financial rescue plan was aggressive enough and big enough to work, but would take time to fully kick in. "We can solve this crisis and we will," he said in brief remarks from the White House Rose Garden.

This is just crazy. Does anyone remember the stock market crashing in 87 or the major recession into Bush Sr.'s term? Lots of people lost their businesses and homes. Yet we all got through it. Why, because the government got out of the way. It was Bush Sr.'s increase in taxes that hurt him the most. It was also one of his biggest regrets.

Now Bush Jr. wants to bailout the entire economy. He wants to turn this country into a socialistic country. He is bailing out the socialistic policies of Democratic Presidents that have caused this mess in the first place.

Yahoo reports,

The president said the new $700 billion rescue plan that he signed into law a week ago authorizes the Treasury Department to use a variety of measures to rebuild their balance sheets including "purchasing equity of financial institutions."

Is this what his father would have done? Is this what Reagan would have done? The fact is, no one remembers the crash and recession of the 80s because in the grand scheme of things, it was something that Americans survived due to Reaganomics.

Now President Bush not only wants to have the government own private companies, he is going to violate the U.S. Constitution in a manner that rises to McCain's idiotic dismantling of the First Amendment.

I have supported President Bush for a long time. It is a shame he is going to leave a legacy that not only decimates Conservatism but also a legacy of helping the Radical Left to win the day. If only Bush and McCain would only recognize who their enemies are.

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