Wednesday, October 08, 2008

V For Vandetta

I finally watched this movie on Dish Network. I am glad that I did not pay to see this Left-Wing propaganda trash in the theater. As a Conservative I have always had disagreements with certain philosophies in movies. Nevertheless, disagreeing and having my own beliefs challenged or even just having fun with stories is always an exercise in thought. Not so with this movie.

In the past, the Wachowski brothers were impressive not only in their ability to make movies, but their ability to discuss ideas through them. The Matrix was simply fun if nothing else. Do we have a purpose? Does everything have a destiny? Do we freely choose that destiny? Plus the rabbit holes one could discuss about the story line. Matrix was simply revolutionary.

V For Vandetta does not even come close to the standard that the Wachoski Brothers have established for themselves. It follows the George Bush is a Nazi thought. Although the story takes place in England, the politics that are engaged throughout the film is obvious to anyone. It is nothing more than the 60's Revolution finally splashing on the big screen, or at least my 32 inch one.

The culture war or America's second civil war is still being advanced. What has impressed me over the years in reading the little bit of history that I have read is that every Revolution has a goal that is being achieved. In order to achieve that goal, most of the time, the masses must be promised one thing, while in the end the promises are always empty. Think of the many revolutions France has had or what the Russians have suffered under. Lies and more lies.

The American Revolution was unique. It had a foundation and solid reasons for the overthrow of the tyranny of England's immoral King. This movie is more akin to those that make promises and deliver nothing. It must lump all Conservatives as Nazis. It advances the idea of blowing up buildings that symbolize the greatness of the past, for they represent opposition to Left-Wing ideas.

V For Vandetta should be named Revolution. Although the movie doesn't justify its philosophical beliefs other than by slandering Conservatives as Nazis and appealing to emotions, it doesn't have to. Stalinists simply need to "clear the field". In this movie, it more likely to blow you up.

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