Monday, November 03, 2008

Governments We Deserve Through Fear

Scare tactics are often what the Republicans are accused of doing. Republicans keep reminding Americans about the Terrorist threat. Democrats yell foul constantly. Yet if I remember correctly, approximately 3,000 Americans were attacked and killed a few years ago. Apparently that wasn't real.

In this video we see the enemies of the Democrat party. Enemies are evil corporations and industries such as coal. Why are they enemies? They are trying to pollute the planet and destroy our health.

If this is not a scare tactic I do not know what is. Most Americans have always distrusted government. Most Americans have despised taxes. Most Americans used to know that the main source of power for the government is through reaching into your pocket and taking your money. That is power over our lives.

In order for government to have power over us in the United States, our form of government says that we must freely give up our liberties and freedom to the government. Therefore, the Left in this country has made up up a fear, a fear that has never slaughtered 3,000 Americans nor all of us as a whole. Yet we are more afraid of this fear than Terrorists. That fear is a fear of pollution.

Green House Gases and Global Warming, which have never been demonstrated to be real, have so scared our population that we have literally given up our freedoms and liberties to bureaucracies. Try and find a 2-cycle dirt bike. Try and find a place to ride your dirt bike. Or think of Massachusetts and those yearly Car Inspections that always find something. And when they can not find something wrong with your car, they just ratchet up the standards that your car must pass. You might as well be living in the old Soviet Union.

If you really believe that gasoline is bad, if you really have fallen for the lie of "dirty coal plants", if you really think the average corporation wants to kill us all, most importantly, if you really want to live under tyranny, then vote for Obama/Biden. We will get the government we deserve.

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