Friday, November 14, 2008

Therapy for Post-Election Blues

Mark Chanski posted this at the Reformed Baptist Fellowship Blog. I didn't ask for persmission. So sue me.

Therapy for Post-Election Blues

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So, you’re discouraged and downcast about the outcome of the presidential election? You’d hoped for better. You’re concerned that we’ve taken a huge step backwards on such crucially important morality issues like abortion, homosexuality, and stem cell research. You fear our nation is culturally slipping into a season of ethical darkness. You’re tempted to think that evil has somehow snuck up into the heavenly throne-room, seized, gagged, and bound God in a celestial corner, while unchecked wickedness will now trash history for a four-year term. You may feel the onset of spiritual depression.

Don’t go there. The children of God have every reason to rejoice in their Father’s undisturbed and sovereign reigning over the events of the November election. The Bible is clear. The decision was ultimately the LORD’s. “For not from the east, nor from the west, nor from the desert comes exaltation; but God is the Judge; He puts down one, and exalts another” (Psalm 75:6-7). We ought to hold to the deep conviction that Barack Obama is God’s man for the Whitehouse.

The carpenter holds his power drill. He’s finished with the drill bit for boring holes. He removes and puts down the boring bit, passes by the screw-driver bit, then selects and inserts the sanding bit. He has purposeful and important work to do. Likewise, the Lord has put down Bush/Cheney, passed by McCain/Palin, and exalted Obama/Biden. He has work to do.

Maybe the church in America needs a serious sanding down of unspiritual rough edges that have arisen over many years of pampering prosperity. Maybe God’s people need to be placed in the fire in order to get rid of a careless lukewarmness. Maybe the worsening of evil in American society will enable the gospel to grip with an even better traction.

Commenting on Romans 8:28, and the fact that God always “causes all things to work together for good to those who love God”, Octavius Winslow (Evening Thoughts) writes: “In God there is no evil, though at times it would appear He places Himself in an attitude of hostility toward believers, to stand in their path as with a drawn sword in His hand. . . Yet the darkest seasons of the church’s history have ever been those from which her brightest luster and shine has arisen, and those most threatening events have somehow conspired to the highest good and best welfare of the church.”

This is no time for God’s people to be depressed. The Carpenter from Nazareth is now at the Right Hand on High, and is busily building his church. “The LORD reigns; let the earth rejoice; Let the many islands be glad. . . Be glad in the LORD, you righteous ones; And give thanks to His holy name” (Psalm 97:1, 12).

Let’s go out into our Father’s garden every morning, with our hoes swung over our shoulders, joyously whistling the old sweet song, “This is my Father’s world, O let me ne’er forget, that though the wrong seems oft so strong, God is the ruler yet.”

Mark Chanski

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AbReformed said...

What a great biblical response to many Christians' despair.