Tuesday, November 18, 2008

BPNews John 3:16 Conference Part 6 Election

Richard Land spoke about election. The BPNews article states,
Reacting to Reformed commentaries that say "all" can't really mean "all men" because if God willed something it would have to happen, Land said, "I believe in a God who is so sovereign and so omniscient that He can break out of Calvin's box ... and He can choose to limit Himself and He can convict us and He can seek to bring us to conviction ... but He will not force us."
I constantly hear this God limiting Himself argument. This is the same mentality from the pagan movie Bruce Almighty. God creates a creature, man, in such a way in that the creature has more freedom than God does. This is simply a philosophy of man and love that is read into the Bible.

Please notice the phrase "but He will not force us." I thank God that God forced me to rise from the dead. I thank God that He recreated or regenerated my will in Christ to seek and follow Christ. I thank God that while I was a wicked rebellious God-hating sinner, He chose to convert me through the preaching of that wonderful proclamation of the Gospel. For it is the power of God unto salvation.

Of course when I say these things, the other side hears "robot" or a chatty Cathy doll. They see the "free agency of man" being violated. Yet this is their Tradition speaking, not Scripture.


Paul said...

Do you have links to the audio of these "sermons"? The only one I found, I gotta pay $50 bucks!

Howard Fisher said...

LOL. Do you really think they are going to be like the Building Bridges Conference? You may get their sermons for free. As I said, the last thing they want is actual interaction. They obviously will not debate. Remember the White/Ascol verses the Caner brothers. They are not interested in either representing the Calvinist position accurately (As you could see from the BPNews article) nor are they interested in having public dialogue.

Who in their right mind would want to pay fifty bucks for sermons? They must be pretty proud of their material.

Dr. White has dealt with sermons by Vines and others on the Dividing Line. You may get those for like $1.50. He more than demonstrates their misrepresentations of Calvinism. Yet they just keep plugging away.

God Bless