Saturday, November 15, 2008

BPNews John 3:16 Conference Part 2 Original Sin

In the Article by BPNews under the Total Depravity section Dr. Paige Patterson says,
"Does that mean we are born guilty before God?" Patterson asked. "I do not think that can be demonstrated from Scripture. We are born with a 'sin sickness,' a disease that makes it certain that we will sin and rebel against God." The Bible says people are condemned for their own sins, he said.
I must confess that my eyeballs about fell out of their sockets. Is Patterson denying Original Sin? If not, the language comes very close in doing so. To say man is born with a sickness is to depart Reformational theology and start running down the road to Rome at high speed. If these guys are not paying attention to the Roman Catholic from Protestantism converts, they better. Foundationally speaking, his view of man fits right at home with Rome. This seems semi-Pelagian at best.

Patterson goes on to say,
"Look at what dead men do," Patterson continued, citing Ephesians 2:1: "... [Y]ou were dead in your trespasses and sin.' If you are dead, then you can't do anything to respond to God." Patterson pointed to verses 2-3, which says, "You walked according to the course of this world ... you once conducted yourself in the lusts of the flesh fulfilling the desires of the flesh and mind...."

"This is analogy, you are dead in trespasses and sin, and pressed too far, you will make it say more than it says," he stated.
I guess we are borrowing theology from the movie Princess Bride. We are "mostly dead"? How does one push the analogy too far? Obviously Paul is using this term in a manner with spiritual death. Patterson has made this argument for the last several years. Calvinists have been offering sound answers. Without having listened to the sermon I do not know if he has answered the objections, but knowing the consistency of their nonresponse, I would venture a guess he didn't.

As for the text, I am not certain what more Paul could say to describe man's complete inability. Paul specifically tells us that we were walking according to our flesh. We were walking according to our sinfully enslaved will, not God's. The text tells us that God elected and God raised us to spiritual life. The analogy is clear. We are not sick and made better. Instead, we were raised from the dead!!!!

I thank Jesus Christ that by His death and resurrection, He has called me out of my grave by His power and His power alone. That when I was dead, He raised me to spiritual life.

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