Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sex and the Church

I received a comment this morning on a previous post from someone who sees me as "discouraging" to women that desire to worship God and answer their calling to pastoral ministry. Although no reasons were given as to why I am wrong from the Scriptures, I am nevertheless ignorant and a sexist. Surprise. surprise. Simply disagreeing with modern philosophical fads by definition makes me ignorant and sexist. No justification is needed.

Just this morning Albert Mohler comments on a new report on the same issue. Here a portion of the post.
The report makes for riveting reading. Almost half of the schools queried indicated that worship experiences in chapel at least occasionally focused on gay, lesbian, or bisexual experiences. Seven of the 36 schools also offered worship focused on transgender issues.

Consider this section of the recommendations:

Seminaries also must assure a supportive environment for sexuality-related issues. Seminaries must have anti-discrimination, sexual harassment, and full inclusion policies that reflect sexual and gender diversities. It was a welcome surprise that almost 9 out of the 10 seminaries have anti-discrimination policies that include sexual orientation, and half have such policies for transgender students, staff, and faculty; other seminaries, unless prohibited by their faith traditions, should implement such policies. In addition, seminaries must provide opportunities for worship and advocacy that reflect the diversity of sexuality issues students will encounter in their ministry.

Now I must confess. I am ignorant as to how worship reflects homosexual worship or feminist worship. I have always been under the impression that the Scriptures define worship. I have been under the impression that the Bible is sufficient to tell mankind his true need and to direct Him to Christ and Christ alone.

Now I am well aware that worship will look differently in different cultures. I am just not certain what that has to do with calling men to repentance of their evil perversions and sin. Why do we want to incorporate our personal and subjective beliefs with God's truth? Christians are to be lovers of the truth, not flaunting their sin and idolatry before a holy God.

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