Thursday, January 29, 2009

Great Question

Rush has been asking the best question of all. Why does Obama want Republicans? Rush had Congressman Cantor on his program yesterday. Here is a portion of that exchange.
RUSH: We don't. See, that's the whole point. You know, it's great news, it is fascinating to learn all of these pork projects that are in this bill, and only 12%, if that, actually goes to stimulus. But that masks what this really is. This is a bill to grow government. This is a bill to grow the power of the Democrat Party. This is the New Deal 2. This is designed to create another 50 years of Democrat rule in perpetuity. This is not going to grow the economy. This isn't going to create any jobs. Congressman, he doesn't need any House Republicans. Correct me if I'm wrong. Every Republican could oppose this and it would still pass, correct?

CANTOR: That is absolutely right.

RUSH: All right. So here's my question, final question. If this bill is so magical, if this bill is going to accomplish everything in terms of stimulus and bring back prosperity and full employment, why doesn't he want it to be only a Democrat vote? He could ruin the Republican Party forever! If this bill actually works as he says and none of you vote for it, he can come back when it's in full-fledged success mode and say, "These guys opposed it. They didn't want this." They could destroy you guys, but yet he wants your cover on this.
Exactly! If this "stimulus package" is so wonderful, why do Democrats want Republicans to sign it? My personal opinion is that the Republican response is too little too late. Even if this fails, the Republicans have drifted so far from Conservative principles that a victory will only give us Liberalism Lite. Perhaps it is time to look into another party that actually will abide by the Constitution.

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