Monday, January 26, 2009

Quotes of the Day

Another couple of quotes from Horton's book.
"Calling us to accomplish great things for God is part of the hype that constantly burns out millions of professing Christians. Telling us about the great things God has accomplished--and, more than that, actually delivering his achievement to sinners--is the real mission of the church. And it might even put wind in the sails of those among us whom God has called to extraordinary achievements! But it will be enough if it puts wind in the sails of those whom God has called to ordinary and fruitful lives. On Monday, a congregation once again assured of God's amazing grace to sinners, will be scattered into the world as salt and light. If we think the main mission of the church is to improve the life in Adam and add a little moral strength to this fading evil age, we have not yet understood the radical condition for which Christ is such a radical solution."
And again,
"The church as an institution appointed by Christ has a narrow mandate with global significance. Individual Christians, however, have as many mandates as they do callings: as parents, children, extended relatives, neighbors, coworkers, and so on."
So what do we need?
"We do not need more Christian service organizations but more churches that serve the sheep and send them out to love and serve their neighbor alongside non-Christians as employees, employers, volunteers, friends, and family members."

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