Friday, January 30, 2009

Obama Mama Abort Obama?

Here is a video that makes a great point.


Anonymous said...

The Catholic Vote Organization hit the nail right on the head here with this video. Thank God for the work they are doing to wake the country up to the wholesale slaughter of the unborn. Would that other denominations were as active in the pro-life movement as the Catholic Church. Thanks for posting the video

Howard Fisher said...

As much as I appreciate the official stance of the Catholic church against abortion, it is extremely hypocritical to say that other denominations need to do more. Let's face it. Rome will not excommunicate its members or practice church discipline against the many RC politicians that support and endorse abortion. Why? Money is usually the issue.

Therefore the hierarchy of Rome wants money over the lives of children. You may balk at my saying this. You may be upset with me. You may point out all of the Bishops that have publicly stood against abortion. But until they actually practice church discipline, I am not buying it.