Sunday, January 04, 2009

Christless Christianity Quote of the Day

I received what I asked for Christmas this year. So I have paused reading The Shadow of Christ in the Law of Moses to start reading Michael Horton's Christless Christianity. The first chapter offers a summary critique of what he sees in American Christianity. I think what I will do over the course of my reading this book is provide some quotes I find interesting. So here is the quote for the day.

"Christ is a source of empowerment, but is He widely regarded among us today as the source of redemption for the powerless? He helps the morally sensitive to become better, but does he save the ungodly--including Christians? He heals broken lives, but does He raise those who are 'dead in trespasses and sins'? Does Christ come merely to improve our existence in Adam or to end it, sweeping us into His new creation? Is Christianity all about spiritual and moral makeovers or about death and resurrection--radical judgment and radical grace? Is the Word of God a resource for what we have already decided we want and need, or is it God's living and active criticism of our religion, morality, and pious experience? In other words, is the Bible God's story, centering on Christ's redeeming work, that rewrites our stories, or is it something that we use to make our stories a little more exciting and interesting?"

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