Saturday, January 31, 2009

New Book For Bible Study

I have finished Horton's book and have quickly jumped into Mark Dever's 9 Marks of a Healthy Church. I have just finished the Foreword and Introduction to the book. So far, if I didn't know better, I would say they complement each other. Joshua Harris writes in the foreword,
Mark isn't worried about being hip or trend-setting. He wants to be faithful to God's Word, and he's courageously committed to the Gospel. And it's precisely these qualities that today's church so desperately needs. In this book Mark shows us from Scripture the characteristics of a healthy church. He helps us see past the hype and fanfare of numbers, statistics, and the latest methodology. He guides us back to the old paths and the simple, world-changing beauty of God's plan for the local church." [emphasis mine]
For those of you praying for a reformed Baptist church plant in Garden City, this book may very well be the Bible study material we use. Stan Reeves has been very helpful in pointing me in this direction and also offering me some material that he has already worked on. Again, I covet prayers for this work. I need to have a grasp of all of the material that I have been studying. I do not know how or if the Lord will use us to do this work. I am simply following the motto, "Duty is mine. Results belong to God."


TheFilmCritic said...

Mr. Dever is speaking at this year's Desiring God Pastors Conference. We're all going. I'll keep you posted, perhaps even post some thoughts - sort of like onsite reporting or something through the magical wonder of the internet. Jealous yet?

Howard Fisher said...

Only if I don't go to the Denver Conference.