Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Coach Jesus

A couple of more quotes from Michael Horton.
Instead of reporting the news, we become the new. In fact, today we often hear Christians speak of "living the gospel", as if anything we do and are can be considered a supplement to God's victory in Christ Jesus. Instead of ambassadors, heralds, reporters, and witnesses, pastors become entrepreneurs, managers, coaches, therapists, marketing gurus, and communication specialists.
The shift from the stern conservatism of our parents' generation was not from guilt to grace or from law to gospel but from sticks to carrots, from ominous threats to a constant nagging to do better--always with a smile.
Because of the way Christianity is communicated Horton remarks why many (non-Christians and Christians of the more Liberal theological slant) get upset with Christians who say Jesus is the only way. Here are a couple of quotes.
It is no wonder that the average person today assumes that all religions basically say the same thing and that singling one out as the only truth is arrogant.
Reduce Christianity to good advice and it blends in perfectly with the culture of life coaching. It may seem relevant, but it is actually lost in the marketplace of moralistic therapies.

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