Monday, January 19, 2009

Barack All Image

For eight years I have been hearing about how dangerous President Bush is. How he is so arrogant. How he used tactics similar to Hitler and the Nazis. Barack is not even President yet and he is supposedly as great as Lincoln. Yahoo News reports:
Obama spoke in an interview last week about how his racial identity can unify and transform the United States, the newspaper said.
Now I have no doubt that having a Black President may change how we look at racism. But talk like this proves that racism will never end. The reason is simple. If we must use race to unite a people and not ideas that are consistent with our founding, then we will forever look at the color of a man's skin by which we judge instead of a man's character.

Perhaps I am wrong. Perhaps Barack will be a President as great as Lincoln. For the moment I only see an image with no substance.

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