Thursday, January 22, 2009

The End Is Near...Maybe...Well, I'm Not Sure...Any Minute Now, I Think

Yahoo News reported more end of the world stuff from the Left, and yes, it is your fault. (The video link has been lost. But the Washington Post has picked up on this nonsense.)

But we can save the world though. We just need you to willingly give up your freedoms and pay a whole lot more to the Government in taxes. And if you don't willingly do this...well...we have government bureaucrats that will fix your motivations.

Check here for some interesting science.

I say, let's all buy 2-stroke dirt bikes and help South Dakota warm up. I have to go there Friday (Lord willing), and it looks cold.


Turns out that the end of the world hasn't come soon enough. I decided opt out of the snow and sub-zero temperatures. Perhaps I'll just go out in my back yard and set fire to a few cans of oil and directly pollute the environment to spur on some warm weather.

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