Friday, September 12, 2008

They Live In Fear of Truth

California's Episcopal Bishops gave a statement.

As Episcopal Bishops of California, we are moved to urge voters to vote “No” on Proposition 8. Jesus calls us to love rather than hate, to give rather than to receive, to live into hope rather than fear. On Tuesday, November 4th, voters in California will be given the opportunity to vote for or against Proposition 8, which would amend the state’s constitution to reserve marriage as only between a man and a woman. Since the California Supreme Court’s ruling in May that civil marriage should be provided to all of the state’s citizens whether the genders of the couple are different or the same, faithful gays and lesbians have entered into marriage as the principle way in which they show their love, devotion and life-long commitment to each other. Furthermore, marriage provides these couples the same legal rights and protections that heterosexual couples take for granted.

It is always amazing how people will switch categories when using language in order to cause confusion and doubt. Notice the Bishops state, "to live in hope rather than fear". This is the language being used to force political correctness upon Christians that believe God has the right to define sexuality and has done so. It is used to say that those who oppose gay marriage do so out of fear and to manipulate the ignorant into siding with them.

I do not fear gays and lesbians. I do not live day to day in fear wondering if someone that is gay lives next door. It is simply a morality issue. God says it is wrong. If we deny such clarity from the Creator about Truth and Law, then we have no basis for the Rule of Law in our society.

The truth is that gays and lesbians fear Christians that believe God's commands to mankind. The reason is simple and obvious by their behavior. They not only seek to have gay rights, they seek to impose their views as right upon those who disagree by the force of law. If there is any doubt to this, simply go north of the border. There you will find Christians being persecuted by secret tribunals.

Why does this occur? Simple. Christians are a daily reminder of their sin. Christians who would stand for truth must be removed from the public square. Ideas have consequences. Anyone who would oppose homosexuality would put forth competing ideas. Being reminded of the future judgment causes fear for the homosexual. God's truth must be removed at all cost.

The irony in all this is that homosexuals often say that Romans 1 does not describe them. Yet, is this not a fulfillment of their actions?

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