Tuesday, September 23, 2008

George Will With Dennis Prager

Dennis Prager asks George Will why should we vote for John McCain to which Will responds,

It is. The first thing any man elected president has to do is staff the government. That is, he has to fill about 3,000 policy making Cabinet and sub-Cabinet level positions. The Republican conservative pool of 3,000 is going to be a lot healthier making day to day decisions that affect our schools and our business and everything else in American life, a lot healthier, better for freedom, than the 3,000 on the other. So there are 3,000 reasons right there. I’ll give you five additional reasons. They’re Supreme Court justices. Someone once said, I think it was Justice Brennan, said the most important word in the Supreme Court isn’t law, freedom, justice, no. The most important word is five. Now…because that’s a Supreme Court majority. On Inauguration Day, January 20th, 2009, five of the nine Supreme Court justices will be over 70 years old. The two most liberal, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, will be 76, and John Paul Stevens will be 88. The next president is going to have in the first term, in all likelihood, two at a minimum, maybe three or even four, Supreme Court appointments to fill. That is just too important to let fall to the other side here.

So now that we have 3000 and 5 good reasons to vote for McCain, Will seems to say something that keeps politics in perspective.

We tend to get so fixated on the presidency, and the reckless rhetoric of all sides, where will the president take us, what will the president do to manage the economy…presidents don’t take this country places. Presidents don’t manage the economy. This country and economy is driven by the free choices and decisions and energies of 303 million people making choices and starting businesses and raising children. Politics isn’t quite as important as we sometimes think it is.

Although Will seems to be sending mixed messages about McCain and whether or not Conservatives should vote for him, in the end this country is great because the American people make it work. At the moment, we still have freedom and liberty based upon a foundation that God has given to men certain unalienable rights...even with McCain as President.

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