Friday, September 12, 2008

Resisting Islam is reporting that Iran is introducing a bill to punish apostates with the death penalty. What I find interesting about stories like this is the response of "good men". At the bottom of the article this is written,

“We call upon the British Government and the European Union to officially respond to this new development and urge the Iranian Government to reject the bill and guarantee the immediate release of all who are detained on the basis of their religious beliefs alone,” Papadouris of Christian Solidarity plead.

Now I hate to burst the bubble of Papadouris, but to plead with the British government on this issue is naive. England is being invaded by Muslims as we speak. They are seeking to establish Sharia Law. The West is falling to Islam right before our eyes.

My point is this. Many think their nice Muslim neighbors would never stand for the freedom of religion to become that of the Middle Ages...non-existent. If you think your Muslim neighbor would attempt to resist more radical Muslims, then your are simply lying to yourself.

Good Islamic neighbors can't resist Sharia Law. Britain can not resist Sharia Law. France can't resist Sharia Law. Liberalism in general can not resist anything with a strong will.

Speaking on a purely political level, the next President must be a President who sees the threat of the fast expanding Islam. If not, it will only be a matter of generations till Islam reaches our borders. However, I do believe that even if the West falls to Islam, Christians serve a King whose Kingdom will always advance. I just would hate to leave a world to my children in which advancing Christ's Kingdom would require their necks on a chopping block.

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Howard Fisher said...

I am fully aware that God may have a purpose and that He is forcing Christians to enter Islamic Lands and religious places that would not have been done otherwise. I am simply saying that His secret purposes are not to be confused with our responsibilities. We should leave a world safe from tyrants to our children. Islam is nothing more than mobsters with religion.