Saturday, September 13, 2008

Thanks For Dinner

Some of you know that my wife had her gall bladder removed earlier this week. She is recovering well.

I would like to offer a big thanks to the Browns for bringing all kinds of food the first night. They brought food even before the surgery. This allowed my kids to eat throughout the day of the surgery. Breigh, my wife's sister, brought a casserole that was immediately eaten (I think if she stayed a few more minutes she could have taken her glassware home). Meredith Kitch brought chicken noodles and mashed potatoes. That was simply delicious. Last night Mike and Tracy Hess brought her famous cheesy potatoes and dessert, and Suzanne Griffith brought meat loaf that was so good I sat and had 2 plates with plenty left over.

It truly was a blessing that my family was not forced to eat my cooking. God truly provides.

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