Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Palin Should Be

Although most Evangelicals seem to be excited about McCain's pick for VP, I can see many of my Reformed Baptist brothers are not (read here). Mark Chanski writes his first point saying, "The Bible views it as a judgment and calamity upon a nation for it to be ruled by women."

I must agree in principle that I would rather see a man in positions of authority. However, the entire field of choices is so lame that Palin shines through. She clearly out does McCain. In fact, I would venture a prediction. If we could start this entire nomination process over again and Palin would run, she would be the Republican nominee (so-called scandal and all). She would also have my vote.

McCain's choice certainly causes some difficulties. On the one hand, he has managed to get the conservative base back in his camp. There remains only one problem. Vice Presidents do nothing. This is not new. John Adams complained that this position has no authority to do anything. I am now convinced McCain has picked someone for political purposes. I still want to know if he plans to stand against the Political Left when picking judges or not. I have heard absolutely nothing from McCain on the most important issues of the day. At least I have not been persuaded by empty promises.

I don't want a President that wants to work with the other side to accomplish some kind of legacy. I want a President that is a leader and has a vision. I want a President that is leading a movement. I want McCain to stop telling me he is pro-life and start telling me how he plans to lead the Pro-life movement to victory. I don't want to be told he is for fairer taxes, I want him to lead a revolt against Left-wing tax policy and bureaucracy. I don't want to be told he is not against homeschooling, I want to see a leader in the overthrow of the status quo of the public education funding and system.

In conclusion, McCain is a man that wants his name in a long forgotten list of names of Presidents. We don't need another name. We need a leader who will lead. Since there are no leaders (other than Palin), this contest is an up or down on Barak Obama. Nothing more.


Howard Fisher said...

I do think the picture speaks volumes. McCain looks like a big stiff. Palin looks natural and in her realm. This may be a Biblically bad thing to have a woman who is in her zone and that zone being political, but she fits and he doesn't.

Mom said...

"Looks Like A Stiff"
You obviously missed the video about McCain's history before the speech. It showed him in a body cast because the Vietnam beat him so badly that many of his bones were broken and were not allowed to heal properly. They broke his arms and his upper body stiffness is a result of the torture he went through in Nam. "He is not able to lift his arms above his shoulders".

Love you! Mom

Howard Fisher said...

I am aware of his beatings. I was not thinking of that when I made the comment. I was actually thinking of his ability (or non-ability) to inspire or persuade me to a position that he holds. When he speaks, he speaks like Bob Dole did before Dole lost his election run. He looked lost.

If we all think back Dole was actually funny and persuasive after the election. Dole admitted that he listened to too many advisers on how he should act. In other words, Dole was a stiff, but this was not due to his injury. It was due to his lack of being himself.

In this case, I see McCain as being himself. Yet, I may be wrong in all of this. From what several people have been telling me (I still haven't had the chance to see the speech) he gave a very inspirational speech. McCain told a fascinating story about his own maturity during his time in Vietnam. He has clearly learned that his own life is not as "big" nor as important as his country's. Life is not about him. Yet even in his speech he shows he is just wrong about several things. He may truly believe he is doing the right thing when he decimates the First Amendment, but he is truly wrong. When he supports certain aspects of abortion rights, he is truly wrong.

I should be more thoughtful when making comments like "stiff". For eight years I have watched McCain fight a Conservative President and side with the Left. Now he stands there expecting my vote because he selects a conservative female. My problem is not with his running mate. My problem is McCain's positions and policies.