Monday, September 15, 2008

Sick Minds On Display

Our Local New York Times Opinionator wrote a funny satirical piece against the Republicans (what a shocker). I just love this stuff coming from Left Wing kooks. They simply just don't get Conservatism.

He spends the entire time taking up much of the Internet nonsense about Sarah Palin and combines it with what he perceives as inconsistent Republican positions. Here is a great example.

"Her ultra-conservative background also puts her in a strong position to tout the success of abstinance only sex education," points out a GOP strategist.

"But what of her 17-year-old daughter's pregnancy?" I inquired.

"That's so like you Liberals to bring our families into the political arena," he fired back. We saw this same underhanded tactic four years ago when you had to remind everyone that Dick Cheney's daughter is one of those people."

"You mean a lesbian?"

"Can't you people leave personal stuff like that out of politics?" he fired back.

We have no problem with her choice," I explained. "It's your party that is opposed to same-sex marriage and claims gay people will be condemned to hell. And it's your party that claims abstinence programs in our schools are enough."

This stuff pouring from our Local NYT's keyboard is just great. In attempting to demonstrate what he perceives as hypocrisy, the Opinionator only demonstrates his total inability to think and be rational.

If he were to be consistent (and Leftists don't have to be since they are above us all), he would apply the same standards to himself. For example, I tell my children it is wrong to steal. I use certain programs to help teach and reinforce the truth that stealing is wrong. But according to the Opinionator, if my son were to ever steal, that would be evidence that we should have used a program that gave him condoms for his sticky fingers. If he is going to steal anyway, he might as well not get caught? Right????

So Sarah Palin's daughter happens to be of an age where she might have relations with a young man. It just so happens she might give in to temptation. It just so happens she might even sin.

The point is that the Left has no idea that many on the Right believe that human nature is sinful and may commit acts of sin. But here is the kicker! They also believe people actually could be forgiven of their sins. Yes! The Great Community Organizer (not Barak) might have even provided the means for forgiveness.

I am really curious as to what is the moral basis for the Opinionator's opinions. I would really like for him to explain the moral basis of telling me I am wrong when he stands for a party that doesn't believe in a right or wrong.

I say keep writing this stuff Mr. Opinionator. While arrogantly telling us we are all wrong and lying to boot (ie: where is the Republican's Party's stance that says gays go to hell?), you obviously stand for something. I just wish I knew what that something was.

In conclusion, it is apparent that man is not morally neutral. Thinking like the Local NYTs editor is simply hostile to the plainly revealed Law of God. While attempting to hi-jack the morally superior ground, he must do so by borrowing from the very foundation he is assaulting. Only a truly sick and demented mind would defend a system that demands the murder and slaughter of millions of innocent children per year while claiming to be moral. Sick! Sick! Sick!

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