Monday, September 15, 2008

Jesus the Democrat, Killed By a Republican

This is just too much. I could not have asked for a bigger mistake from the Left. Their hatred for Sarah Palin truly has risen to the forefront. To contrast her and her position with one who killed Christ (Obama?) is just mind boggling. I wonder if the Local New York Times Opinionator will repeat this stuff, or does he have some semblance of sense?

What is interesting about this is that I think the Religious Left that may call themselves Christian really believe this stuff. The problem with Theological Liberalism of the past couple of centuries is exactly this. They really believe Jesus came to help man out, to give him a lift, to organize communities in order to show him the way to a better neighborhood.

If Conservatives don't pay closer attention, they will end up doing the same thing. The Gospel is not about making bad sinners into good sinners. It is not about ending racism or poverty or better education or better health care or ending class envy or fixing marriages or solving drug abuse addictions. The Gospel is God reconciling to Himself wicked rebel sinners in Christ by His death, burial, resurrection and ascension.

The Kingdom of God comes upon the hearts of men. It informs men how they not only live in God's Kingdom, but how they are to live in the kingdoms of this age. However, the the two kingdoms are not the same! This point can not be over emphasized. We must always keep before us what is the duty of the church and what is the duty of government. To centralize government power in order to accomplish something God did not command for governments to do, is to enter an philosophical and economic system that takes us backwards. Rush pointed to this article by Robert Higgs during his show. I think it is a helpful read.

My point is simple. Both sides want Jesus to endorse their campaigns. Be very wary of those who do!

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