Friday, September 19, 2008

Islam Invading Europe

Diana West has written an interesting post on Islam's invasion into Europe. Read here.

I thought these 2 comments were particularly helpful.

A Far Too Optimistic Report
Unfortunately, Europe is almost certainly lost.

I state this for three reasons. First, the vast majority of Europeans are completely oblivious to the threat. They have been brain washed by multi-culturists who continually lie about Islam. They overwhelmingly believe that there is no danger.

The Europeans don’t understand that Islam’s long term plan is to take power at the ballot box. The Muslims have a weapon that the Europeans surrendered a long time ago, DEMOGRAPHY. The Muslims plan to out-copulate the Europeans.

The only way to reverse this situation is for Europe to force their Muslim populations to return to their home countries. There is zero political will to do this. In addition, Europe’s dependence on Middle East oil makes them hostages to the Arabs.

Second, the Europeans reject their own Christian heritage. The European Constitution rejects the fact that Europe’s history, culture, and identity are Christian. The Europeans have lost any sense of who they are. Therefore, they have nothing to fight for.

Third, the Europeans have become dedicated pacifists who may fight when faced with an attack by a foreign power on their own soil, but they will not fight an internal subversive enemy. The rot is systemic.

The incorporation of Sharia by the British government is the beginning of the end.

President Bush also has lied to the American people. He has stated,

“Islam is a religion of peace. Islam means peace.”

Islam translated into English means,


This comment explains why Obama is liked in Europe.

A Far Too Optimistic Report
Is Europe lost?
Yes, and here's why. Europe when challenged with facing Arabic terror head on throughout the world joined WITH the Muslim anti-Americanism, joined with Muslim anti-Israelism, and joined with their Arabic leftists populations which was and remains a natural fit for socialist Europe. England, under a leftists government, brought in Sharia courts as the latest example. There is no going back now. This process can only accelerate for Europeans because the masses themselves have chosen who they wish to be associated with and who they wish to support. For many of us on this side of the pond it should come as no surprise to anyone that the Europeans worship Obama because they believe Obama is like them. He believes as they do, he is one of them. Ironically, Russia will be the sole holdout in this madness.

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