Thursday, July 30, 2009

Comments From Caller On William Lane Craig

Last year I wrote a few posts that interacted with an email exchange I had with a group in Colorado that desired to help men experience Christ (read 1, 2, 3). When I wrote that, my main response was in relation to the group's understanding of what it means to experience Christ and the fruit that comes from that. The Gospel and the God ordained means by which we are to proclaim the Gospel was simply not in this group's thinking.

More and more we are seeing Protestants willing to work with Roman Catholics as if Rome possesses the Gospel. How do we know Rome possesses the Gospel? Because they have just as much fervor for Jesus as Protestants do.

Theology matters. On the 4th of June a caller on the Dividing Line had a discussion with Dr. White about the debate between an atheist and Dr. William Craig. During the debate the atheist asked if Dr. Craig could point out Christians who have bad doctrine. Dr. Craig's first thought was that of the Calvinists. This would explain his willingness to stand with Roman Catholics more than he would Reformed folks.

To make a loooong story short, in this short clip the caller makes a great point about the same problem I was addressing last year. When man's autonomous will must be believed at all costs, the foundation for the reformation is undercut. Listen here.

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