Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Why Should I?

I just saw this video on I have to ask a simple question in response to the statement at the end of the video, "Vote Republican in 2010."

Why? Why should I vote Republican? Did not the Republicans help destroy Sarah Palin?

I don't care whether or not Sarah Palin had the right pedigree. I don't care that she didn't have all the right specifics to foreign policy. The facts are plain. She actually took on Big Government types in Alaska and rid it of corruption. She actually believed in fiscal responsibility. Unlike McCain or Obama, she actually believes that the Constitution is the Law of the land. She really does believe in liberty as it is articulated in the Constitution and the Declaration.

Now I am not suggesting we must vote for Sarah Palin. In fact, there are far more qualified people. The question still remains. With the behavior of the Republican party, we now know without a doubt it is just as corrupt and culpable as the Democrats when it comes to our nation's financial problems. They also participated in the attacks against Palin.

As a Christian, I believe Christians should participate in our government. I believe Christians have a moral obligation to act and work with their neighbors for the betterment of society. However, to confuse the Kingdom of God with the kingdoms of men and thinking that somehow the Republican party is the party that will save our nation's moral decline is simply foolish. The Republican party is no more able to articulate moral values than Democrats.

They can't even say abortion is wrong. They wish Evangelicals would go away on this issue.

They are not able to articulate why marriage is defined by the Creator. Something that should be so obvious, but yet they are terribly afraid of the politically correct speech crowd.

The corrupt Republicans in the Senate voted with the Democrats to pass the stimulus.

The corrupt Republicans helped create the situation in which Obama now owns parts of the private sector (GM, banks, ect...).

The corrupt Republicans in the house voted for the energy bill that was nothing short of a tax bill that does completely the opposite of what Obama promises.

The corrupt Republican party would like to see Former General Colin Powell as its leader. Yet he is the man who supported the Radical Leftist Chicago thug Obama, the very man who seeks to destroy freedom and liberty as we know it.

There are so many other problems that we could sit here all day wondering...

So why? Why should I vote Republican?

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