Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Time To Brag

The 4-H results are in and my kids did great. Once again, Steven got Grand Champion for his Geology project, and this year he also took grand champion for his rocket. Rachel got plenty of blues as well. In fact, she caused the judge to struggle between her Key Lime Pie verses somebody's chocolate cake for Grand Champion. Here are two things she also did really well in.

Above is a decorated zucchini and below is her snowman.

Steven also took grand junior champion in the Scott County photography contest with this one.

This one got a purple.

As for my pictures, 2 of the 3 lightning pictures (see previous posts) received champion and reserve champion. The rest were all blues including these.

There is just no place this boy can not sleep.

Tomorrow I'll try to have more pictures of the fair.


Cory said...

Tristan and I decided that last picture gets funnier the longer you look at it.

Howard Fisher said...

The boy falls asleep everywhere. He even curled up on that tiny computer swivel chair. That was just weird.