Friday, February 13, 2009

Nominating David Ogden

Albert Mohler's post today is very alarming. Our new President has nominated yet another hem...I mean another nominee that is most troubling. President Obama has nominated David Ogden for Deputy Attorney General.

Mohler explains,
One of the leading legal defenders of pornography has been David Ogden, a lawyer who can only be described as a First Amendment extremist, who has even argued against laws against child pornography.
In essence, David Ogden has been in the forefront of arguing for the unrestricted sale and distribution of any and all pornography by any and all means - and now he will be in charge of prosecuting those who were his clients and arguing against all that he has argued in the past. Are we to believe that this will have no effect on prosecutions against pornography?
Mohler asks the question,

What signal does President Obama intend to send by this nomination, and to whom?

The answer is simple. "I am going to hell, and I am taking all of you with me." Christians must understand that Obama's behavior isn't going to bring God's judgment, it is the judgment of God against a wicked people. So not only is Obama participating in the murder of millions of children, he will be participating in their abuse by the pornography industry.

And the Politicl Left has the nerve to call the Political Right immoral?

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