Friday, February 13, 2009

Christ Seated On David's Throne part 1

The other day I had coffee with a good friend of mine. In light of the recent election, he was wanting to discuss End Times and was speculating on certain passages. Although I have tried to explain to him in past conversations that I am not a Dispensationalist, he is clearly struggling with what it is I believe.

For instance, the question almost always arises, "Do you believe in the Tribulation and Rapture?" Of course, I have to ask in response, "What do you mean by those things?" Which is usually followed by the "Don't you interpret the Bible literally?"

So for the rest of the day I was trying to think of an example that an Amillenialist could use that might explain the Amillenialist's method of interpreting the Bible. There is one that I think may be helpful for those of us who are in situations that require to scale a high Traditional barrier. That would be the throne of God.

For the Dispensationalist, Jesus will someday come again and set up a kingdom and reinstitute David's throne in the earthly Jerusalem. However, if it may be demonstrated that Jesus is not coming to sit on David's throne in the earthly Jerusalem but instead is seated currently on David's/God's throne, then perhaps a step to having meaningful categories will be established and a better understanding of each position.

In my next post/s, I will attempt to show that the Old Testament throne is not only David's throne, but God's throne. I will then demonstrate that Christ sits on David's/God's throne now. Therefore, Jesus is ruling now, though"now we do not yet see all things subjected to him." [Heb 2:8]

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