Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Jindal: Substance Verses Fluff

Many moons ago I watched a debate between Al Gore and Dan Quayle with my good friend Dan Woods. After the debate my friend and I concluded Gore handed Quayle his lunch. It was quite a shocker when we woke up to the news paper headline the next morning announcing Dan Quayle the winner of the debate. We both were wondering what everyone else had watched.

Last night Bobby Jindal had the opportunity to respond to the President's speech. Now I must confess I only watched a couple of minutes before I just couldn't stomach it anymore. I truly felt I was listening to a campaign speech (Obama was elected...right?). More fluff about how he is the son of immigrants blah blah blah. He was clearly trying to be accepted by everyone. Click, I turned it off.

Today, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity were defending Jindal. They were accusing conservatives of not liking the style of Jindal. I simply don't think that is the case. Perhaps in the Blogo-shpehere conservatives are critiquing that aspect, but that is not why I was disappointed.

Rush Limbaugh said this during his show today:
Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. One more thing about Bobby Jindal here. Two years ago, if you had taken a poll among people who know Bernie Madoff, he would have had a 99% approval rating, and the guy who had blown the whistle on him would have had a 1% approval rating. Today, Bernie Madoff has a 0% approval rating and the guys who blew the whistle on him are now being asked, "Why didn't you speak up louder?" Barack Obama has whatever his approval rating is. Somebody told Bobby Jindal to act like he was talking to first graders last night. I don't know who advised him to do it. That can get fixed. But don't throw this guy overboard, and our side is doing this, and it is a huge mistake. If we're going to start throwing genuine conservatives overboard for some of these specious reasons, we deserve to get our butts beat every election.
I fully agree that we ought not to throw Jindal over board. He may very well be the man to lead the conservative movement. The problem I have is the statement "Somebody told Bobby Jindal to act like..."

Now I don't care what his advisers advise. This is not a time for excuses. If Jindal isn't going to be himself and take on Obama and the Radical Left and demonstrate leadership then he will fall into the same trap Bob Dole did. We need leadership. So far Jindal blew it ON SUBSTANCE (I don't care what Rush says).

Now if Jindal can do what he did on the Cable News programs today such as the Today show, then maybe he may still pull it off. Why he didn't do that last night I do not know for certain. All I know was that he blew it not on style but on substance. I don't want a campaign speech from Jindal. I want leadership! The real question is, "Will he deliver?"

So I am going to stand on the sidelines and cheer for Jindal to be his own man and defeat his political enemies.

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