Friday, February 27, 2009

Gingrich Should Be Chucked Under Bus

Newt Gingrich is a great symbol of what is wrong with Republicans. In this Newsmax report of an interview with Gingrich on CBS's, The Early Show, demonstrates that Republicans are just Democrats-lite.

The leading Republican said he he actually agrees with much of Obama's rhetoric, but that there's a "gap between the words and reality."

Gingrich said there are pieces of Obama's budget that are "doable," including projected savings from more closely watching for fraud in entitlement programs. But the Georgian also said, "The problem with the overall budget is that it's a job-killing budget."

The entire Stimulus plan is simply wrong and immoral. So the entire Republican House can stand against the Democrats all day long, but that is simply deceiving. They only stand against a Trillion dollar stimulus bill. The are not against voting for a more "doable" bill. (Less porkulous $700 Billion is just fine?)

If Republicans are not willing to stand on principle and fight the entire premise of this silly notion of printing money or borrowing from our great-grandchildren, then I will either refrain from the next election or go with strictly third-party candidates. I will not be forced again to choose between blatant immorality and cloaked immorality.

Newt Gingrich has betrayed the Conservative movement in order to be liked by the media. (Remember his attempt to go green with Hillary?) It hasn't worked. Why he insists on trying to be liked I have yet to understand. For now, I do not care why he has abandoned Conservatism. I only know he is not to be trusted anymore, and all Conservatives should turn their backs on the likes of him. He should be chucked under the bus.

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