Friday, February 06, 2009

Alternative Universes For Abortion

OK, you might be disgusted by this, but here is more evidence for the doctrine of Total Depravity. In this BPNews story a woman decides to have an abortion at 23 weeks. Here is where the story gets really sad and sick.
Williams arrived at that clinic the next day, but Renelique [the doctor] didn't show up, at least not on time. After waiting about two hours for the doctor to arrive, Williams began feeling nauseated and was placed in a patient waiting room, given a robe and told to lie down. At 2 o'clock that day -- and with Renelique still not at the clinic and no one in the room -- Williams felt an immense pain and delivered a baby girl. The staff began screaming "and pandemonium ensued," and Williams "watched in horror and shock as her baby writhed with her chest rising and falling as she breathed," a civil lawsuit filed in January on Williams' behalf states.

With the baby trying to breath, a staff member, Belkis Gonzalez, who has no medical license, came in the room and used orange shears to cut the umbilical cord, the suit states. She then "scooped up the baby," the placenta and afterbirth, placed everything in a red plastic biohazard bag, sealed it and tossed it into a trash can. Renelique later arrived and told her the "hard part was over," the suit states. He gave her an IV and a shot, cleaned her up and sent her home, the suit says.

The Florida Board of Medicine revoked Renelique's medical license Feb. 6, but many say criminal charges should be filed. After all, Williams' baby, whom she named Shanice, could have survived. A baby born in 2007 just prior to 22 weeks at Baptist Children's Hospital in Miami, Fla., survived and went home after a nearly four-month stay. Quadruplets in Nebraska born at 23 weeks last year survived.

An autopsy showed that Williams' baby had air in her lungs and was trying to breath.

"It's infanticide. We're trying to make sure we don't tolerate infanticide here," Tom Brejcha, president and chief counsel of the Thomas More Society, which filed the lawsuit, told Baptist Press.
There seems to me to be an obvious question that everyone is overlooking. Why is this woman filing a lawsuit? The article goes on to say that "The suit's main goal, Brejcha said, is to pressure prosecutors to file murder chargers."

Perhaps I am going out on a limb here, but am I living in an alternative universe? What did this woman think she was murdering before the baby popped out? A duck? A Martian? A Whale (which would be protected by the way)?

I am simply at a loss. She goes in to have the baby murdered 2 hours earlier. BUT, because the doctor was late by a mere 2 hours, now we need to try to file murder charges against the doctor? Was the mommy unconscious during her "choice"? What difference does it make where the location of the baby was when they murdered it? What difference does it make that the baby took a couple of breaths of air before it was thrown into the garbage?

My opinion, if the state is going to charge the doctor with murder, then to be consistent, since mommy was there to murder her baby just moments earlier, on what rational basis can we target the doctor? These people live in an alternative universe in which reason and logic and morality simply don't exist.

This is just sick.


Howard Fisher said...

In case you are wondering about my logic here, please notice this sentence.

"but many say criminal charges should be filed. After all, Williams' baby, whom she named Shanice, could have survived."

Now think for a moment. Would not the baby have survived if the mommy had not tried to murder her baby to begin with? If she had not gone to the "doctor", would not the baby be alive now?

This whole thing is insane.

Paul said...

I see your point. I just wonder if she realized what she was doing, after seeing the baby alive and breathing.

Howard Fisher said...

Howdy Paul,

Thanks for the comment. You raise a very good point that I think most Americans would agree.

There are certainly levels of understanding and culpability. I simply find it almost impossible to believe that she did not know what she was doing. At 23 weeks, she knows she is not carrying a blob of cells. Chances are she had already called it baby as most people do.

Let's face it. She went there to get rid of her problem and did so for any number of reasons. Although seeing someone die as opposed to ignoring it by leaving the room is no excuse. She just managed to be in a situation where she was forced to look at what she was doing.

Let me offer an example of what I mean. After WWII, the some of the German people were forced to go into the concentration camps to see the reality of those camps. On the one hand they knew what was going on there. They just did nothing about it because they didn't see it. They suppressed the knowledge of what was going on, yet they were still guilty of allowing it to go on.

Now in the case of the mom, I don't believe she is as guilty as perhaps the doctor, but she is certainly more guilty than those Germans. The reason is simple. She went to the doctor and took her child there to be murdered. She may have suppressed the truth of what she was doing by calling it an "abortion" (the reason for the poll) of a blob of cells, but again, we all have seen enough Time magazine pictures and through sonograms to know the difference.

Again, I just don't buy the excuse that she just didn't know. If she didn't know, why would she have to go to a special clinic to have this done? Why was she choosing to do this in the first place? Wasn't this choice painful?

The fact is, abortions are done so that mommy doesn't see it. This mommy just happened to witness what she was doing and didn't like it and wants to blame someone else for her evil.

Just one other quick point. Let's apply all of our arguments on both sides to slavery. Would we stand for our excuses today?