Monday, November 02, 2009

Building Bridges With Islam

Just thought this might be an interesting story for those concerned about Islam's spread into the West. The Guardian UK is reporting that "Matrix Producer" Barrie Osborne, who was "part of the Oscar-winning team behind the Lord of the Rings films", will be working on a movie about the life of Muhammad.
Osborne told Reuters that he envisages it as "an international epic production aimed at bridging cultures. The film will educate people about the true meaning of Islam".
Since most Hollywood types are afraid of telling the truth that would lead to political incorrectness (especially if it involves Muslims rioting), I have to wonder how one could attempt to do such a movie with the intentions of building bridges. Islam only desires freedom when it is in the minority. That is just an obvious truth for anyone to see if they are willing. So will Osborne truly show Muhammad as he truly was? I guess we will see. Though, I wouldn't hold my breath.

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