Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Science Discovers They Are Wrong Again

What's wrong with this first sentence of this YahooNews story.
A 35-mile rift in the desert of Ethiopia will likely become a new ocean eventually, researchers now confirm.
So now we have a confirmation among scientists that something might happen. A couple of paragraphs down the article states,
"We know that seafloor ridges are created by a similar intrusion of magma into a rift, but we never knew that a huge length of the ridge could break open at once like this," said Cindy Ebinger, professor of earth and environmental sciences at the University of Rochester and co-author of the study.
So they never knew this? Ummm really? Perhaps it is because most scientists are taught science from a naturalistic, materialistic old earth model?

The fact is, there is nothing new here. First, Biblical Creationists have been offering models that explain this for a long time. Second, even non-Creationists have had to admit that much of their scientific understanding of life in general and geology in particular has been flawed.

Years ago, either Nova or one of the other PBS programs went to Mt. St. Helen after her 1980 explosion. I remember watching scientist after scientist admitting that their predictions were all wrong. Why? Because in my opinion they were all taught the evolutionary model of the earth. They unwittingly brought with them to the field the close-minded academic view of Earth's history. Now we all do that, but to what extent is another question.

Today, Bob Gonzales, Dean of Reformed Baptist Seminary, offers a Blog post that I think may be of service to the Christian, who desires to be faithful to the Bible and yet desire not to come to the scientific world with false presuppositions.


Anonymous said...

This is the dumbest post I've seen yet. Scientists don't predict something, so that means they're all improperly taught morons?

Science is always going to be discovering and learning... testing and changing. A large part of science is observation, not simply prediction.

Most scientists feel no need to declare war against religion. What does the role of a creator matter, if they cannot yet test such a thing? But here you are, launching volleys against researchers studying the seafloor. Why so threatened?

Howard Fisher said...

Again, I think you are reading me in the worst possible light due to your vantage point.

My initial comment was on the media's reporting of science. They love to jump on stories like these. When it turns out to be wrong, you don't see them apologizing for bad science such as global warming.

For instance, I have been hearing since I was a little kid about how we are going to run out of oil and gas by the time I am fifty. Well, that's getting pretty close.

Perhaps you remember the story of the sun that is going to destroy the earth in a billion years so get ready.

The other problem that I was trying to point out is that science is trying to take a position of authority in our society. Scientists are not morally neutral as the picture you paint.

The third problem that I pointed out is that Christians who take the Bible to be infallible must also be careful as Bob Gonzals' post points out.

You then said, "Why so threatened?"

Great question as if science never feels threatened. Just look at the newest atheist movement.

But you are challenging me at this point, and I think this would be a good discussion which I'd like to post separately on.

Lastly, you really seem to think I want to have you thrown in jail or worse if you don't agree with me. You really do not know me and you assume some things about me. Since you probably live to far away to meet in some neutral place you would feel safe in and have a cup of coffee, I'd like to invite you to email me and pummel me with all the questions you'd like. I really would like to offer a space outside of this format where we could converse.

I am not quite the Fundamentalist you perceive.

God Bless

Anonymous said...

Just reading your angry posts, I'd rank you about two steps better than this guy:


Howard Fisher said...

I figured you'd probably say something like that. After trying to discuss your list of Bible problems, it was easy to see you were not interested. Oh well.