Thursday, November 05, 2009

Reformation Weekend MP3s

Fred Malone's messages from this past Reformation Weekend is now available. Go here for the MP3s. Richard Smith, Associational Minister of the Spurgeon Baptist Association of Churches, has written in this week's newsletter.


The 2009 Reformation conference this past weekend in St. Francis was without doubt a time that many spent soaking in the goodness and glory of God. Dr. Fred Malone was the speaker and he spoke on the five sola’s of the Reformation. He wove the teaching of Luther and Calvin with that of Scripture and gave those who were listening a picture of how God uses His Word and servants to literally change the world. The first session was on Sola Scriptura or the authority and sufficiency of the Word of God. He said that many hold to the inerrancy of Scripture and yet reject the teaching of Scripture as to its authority and sufficiency. Yet during the Reformation it was Luther and Calvin’s adherence to Scripture as God’s Word and their highest authority rather than the traditions of men that God used and honored to bring true revival. It was only then Scripture was the authority and believed as the Word of God that Luther searched it for what the righteousness of God really was and so the Gospel of grace alone through faith alone began to be trumpeted across the land by the preachers of it. Without going into detail on each session, Dr. Malone connected each sola with the others and set out the glory of the Gospel of Scripture which is indeed by grace alone through faith alone so that it may be by Christ alone to the glory of God alone.

The recordings of these sessions can be listened to at and are certainlyworthy to be listened to. After each session there were people talking about the things of the Lord and the content of the sermon. In other words, true fellowship around the Scripture was found. The conference was truly a feast for the soul in terms of the teaching, preaching, and the fellowship. While the signs on I. 70 say that Colby is the oasis of the plains, I certainly found that First Baptist Church of St. Francis was an oasis this past weekend. The church has also been blessed with good cooks and so there was a lot of good food supplied for those who attended. As the host pastor J.W. Glidewell of First Baptist in St. Francis put it, there was plenty of food for both the soul and the body. I would urge all who can to make plans to attend this conference in St. Francis next year.

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